Racism and stuff

I see people i know that are of a dark origin, being belittled and made fun of by people making black jokes about them but at the same time its crazy how obsessed they are with the colour of their own skin. trying to fit in by acting out the way people portray them as. Using the N word and make all kinds of stereotypical fried chicken eatin references and just carrying on with this whole image because people find it funny. But its not funny and they are selling their souls for the feeling of false acceptance like they are part of the group and people like them because they think they are funny. A sad person is found underneath because not only do they take the racial abuse through jokes, they are also living a lie by acting like a stereotyped fool. With the jokes, there is 2 standard ways it can go. 1, They take offense and then everyone picks on them more because they think its funny and have no qualms about being somewhat racist (or very). 2,They play along like its all fun and games and make the same jokes back about themselves so that they are known as “Black such-n-such” “The token black guy”. Its strange how obsessed these people are with their stand out features that cause them grief. My friend is and was in this situation tonight. He copped some abuse in front of others and played it off but later made it known to me it was wayyy too far, but then later on his whole image was just black jokes and references. Was not impressed. Told him straight up later on “Cut the black shit. Be somebody. This isnt you. Do you have anything to say? Do you want to say anything in life and be somebody? Cut it. cut it all. Its just shit. Its not you.”. He took it on board as he does with many things i bring up. Hes still quite young. But of course i will need to speak with him further about this as its actually quite a big chunk of his social life and he was drinking at the time. See how it goes.
Its becomes a waste of time when people you know personally, arent even 1% of themselves around other people. Your friend isnt there. He is gone. Disappeared into foolish sadness.

Reverse racism is just ridiculous. As with another dark friend, everything has to involve the word black and such when of course, there is no need. No need to discriminate yourself from white people within a story that has no relevance to race or colour.

Its like you see an advert for an airline company and there is a black flight attendant and an Asian pilot. I find these ads very racist as the only reason they cast a Black person and an Asian person was for this “PC” racial equility crap. So its like “Oh no we cant be racist, so lets grab and asian and a black guy for this commercial. That in itself its seriously racist. They are singling out these races because they dont wanna be singled out as being racist by not involving them. Its a rather big mess really.

I held certain racial prejudices against a certain race which were forced upon me by adults around me when i was young. Along the lines of “oooh those are very rough and tough people, wouldnt wanna meet them down a dark alley”. These ideas leave a big impression on young children and these ideas as such becomes the kids own ideas, like its their own knowledge for them to believe and spread. A wise man in my life has inadvertently shed me of that small bit of racial prejudice maybe about a year ago and i thank him greatly for helping me out of something i didnt even realise was a problem. I told him a few months ago of what he has helped me with and he said to me “Racism is like wearing dark glasses, you just cant see whats around you until you take them off” And its true. Ever since my outlook on that particular race was lifted, i have met the most amazing people just here there and everywhere which is great. More of the world has been unlocked for me 🙂

Everyone in this world is different and so to with races, but that doesnt have to be a significant factor in your life. The difference is the spice of this life. Distinctions will always be made but its how you act that you have control over. The world will never be equal and it will never be the same but so long as you tread the right path in your own life, that is the way to be living.

Peace out.


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